Do you own landed property, hotel or villa in Bali?
Are you worried you are not optimizing the expected returns on the investment in your Bali villa?
What you need is a competent Bali villa management software system.


The hospitality industry in Indonesia has witnessed tremendous changes in recent times. And one of the most critical changes in the industry is the introduction of the Property Management System (PMS). Property Management Systems are designed to save property owners a great deal of time, effort, and money in their operations. A good PMS improves the day-to-day management and revenue stream of villas. But finding the suitable PMS for your Villa in Bali can be the difference between success or failure. This post explains in more detail what PMS is, why it is vital to villa management Bali and how you can choose a software system that best suits your needs.

Choose for a Great Property Management Bali Software System

You should know that the management software you choose for your Bali villa can either make or break your hospitality business.

What We Offer?

Rideum offers you dynamic PMS solutions that are tailor-made to meet your budgetary expectations and the requirements of your Bali villa.

Some of the key features offered by Rideum PMS solutions include:
Internet Booking Engine

Securely process online reservation via our ready built-in hotel web design internet booking engine.

Group & Corporate Booking Management

Increase the flexibility to accept group or corporate travelers, combine rooms with best possible rates.

Front Desk & Reservation Management

Plan your guests reservation with drag-n-drop calendar capability.

Room & Rate Management

Configure customized room types and rates with unique individual unit settings based on your needs.

Billing & Payments

Accept multiple payment methods i.e. Over-the-counter, Credit/Debit Card, invoices and refunds.

Guest Profile Management

Keep track of your guests and agencies' profile with exclusive membership to enjoy the F&B promotions.

Insights Reporting Management

Prepare analytics reports for your hotel's performance i.e. Sales, Accounting, Occupancy Rates and Account Balance.

Housekeeping & Maintenance Management

Interact Front-Office & Back-Office staffs for housekeeping & facilities maintenance operations.

Point of Sale (POS)

Manage hotel and restaurant with integrated POS to provide value added services i.e. bills directly to your room and many more.

Conceirge Services App

Provide delivery services from your pick-up to destination location and track delivery status online.

Rideum Bali villa PMS system provides you with a turnkey solution that ultimately manages your entire operations. With Rideum, you do not have to worry about everyday problems and mistakes with unintegrated systems, as our PMS solutions have a zero margin of error in booking services.

Order management
Booking management

Our PMS solutions are designed to help boost your revenue by implementing a broad revenue management strategy specific to your Bali villa needs. It helps integrate F&B guest services with the Bluedine app to have one central software doing everything for you in one place.

Customer Testimonial

In the past: Having many seperate system to support hotel/villas and restaurant operation was too costly and high maintenance.
Now: Thanks to affordable Rideum System all-in-one integrated system with our hotel/villas and restaurant, we're able to streamline our day-to-day operations more efficiently now. It's recommmended system for hotel/villa or F&B owners
DeDanau Hotel and Restaurant Owner
At first, I was sceptical switching to a new system but after having a trial for short period, all my doubts go away and surprisingly Bleudine is very reliable system without much hassles and some more it's easy to use. Highly recommended system for bakery owner.
Croissant Bakery Owner

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