Simplify Outsourcing and Task Distribution

Enable your business to effectively manage task distribution by outsourcing various services, including specialized concierge duties, pick-up and delivery, and maintenance work, to your preferred vendors or nearby available workers.

How Does Bleudash Help Your Business

Three Simple Steps to Simplify Task Distribution


Set-up Your Account & E-Wallet

First, create your Bleudash account and e-wallet. You’ll need it to post job details and pay the vendors or workers you’ve outsourced to.


Onboard Vendors and Workers

If you have a list of existing vendors or workers you regularly work with, onboard them. This will allow you to receive multiple offers from your preferred vendors and choose the best ones for the job.


List Your Job Details & Budget

List the job details, including the date, time, destination or location, and your budget range. Our system will automatically notify your preferred vendors and nearby workers from our network about your job.

Secure the Best Price & Get the Job Done

You’ll be notified when someone accepts your job, and you can then assign it to them. Upon job completion, the vendor will be paid, and the fees will be deducted from your e-wallet balance.

Bleudash Use Case

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