All-in One Solution for F&B and Retail Business

Reduced Your Manpower Cost & Increase Your Customer Retention

Bleudine POS + CRM offering enterprise-grade affordable solutions that are perfectly made for retail businesses like Yours by using Cloud-based innovative digital solution for Merchant store


Designed and built to be digital economies of scale by increasing potential foot-traffic and walk-in customers with lower cost.


User friendly and flexible configurations so that you can focus more to grow your business by spending less time administering your back office.


Leveraging mobile app to reach potential customers and convert them to valuable members with latest exclusive marketing campaigns.

Do You Know That The failure rate of new businesses is approximately 20% the first two years, 46% the first five years, and 33% the first ten years?

Based on research, the majority of retail businesses begin well, but often veer off course somewhere along the way. Businesses fail across all industries and the reasons for their failure must always be studied. 

The first reason is Poor inventory management which results in inefficiencies because you don’t have accurate real-time information on how much inventory you have, regardless of whether you have too little or too much. Reordering inventory from suppliers and selling nonexistent inventory becomes riskier because of this.

Second reason is Poor Out-of-Control Expenses. In retailing, your major expenses may seem fixed (i.e., premises, permanent staff salaries, etc.) These costs must be covered by margin dollars, whether sales are strong or weak. And there are areas in your business with variable expenses where you likely can cut costs. Businesses will fail financial mismanagement happens.

And We Understand That..

By having Point-of-Sales (POS) + Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool, You can..
Increase Productivity

Eliminates transaction and inventory mistakes with our AI-Powered POS technology.

Increase Retention

By using our CRM You can converting potential customers to valuable members.

That is why we presented to You

Bleudine POS + CRM Solution Apps Built with Cutting-Edge Technology

Rideum app powered with Machine-Learning (ML) algorithm capability to provide smart recommendations to users nearby restaurants, table reservation as well make fast ordering with the option to subscribe as a member to enjoy privileges offered by the merchants.

Front & Back Office Apps to Manage The Business

Packed with full features such as 360 performance dashboard view, manage your own membership plan, setup your own point award mechanism, marketing instruments, payment methods configurations, and many more

Can be Used on Mobile & Web Apps

Easier for outlet staff(s) to take dine in order, manage reservation and for cashier to manage billing. Kitchen also can use Merchant Front-Office App to keep track and update order status.

How Our App Looks Like..

Outstanding Features


Customize your own membership program for your customers that suits with your business


Boost your business by creating tailored promotions mechanism based on your business needs


Accepting multiple channel of payment methods i.e. Payment Over-the-Counter and many others Debit / Credit Card, E-Wallet, Bank Transfer Virtual-Accounts


Analyse your business growth closely with our dashboard report


Easy table reservation based on your selected merchant's seat availability on the palm of your hand


Customize points-award and redemption with your own formula easily

Our Happy Customers

Bintang Arya

Manager of Digital Cafe Bali

“Fiturnya lengkap, bisa request fitur2 lainnya. Penggunaan bisa diberbagai device. mudah untuk dipelajari. Pelayanan cepat dan tanggap”


Owner of Women's Clothing Store

“App yang Bagus, mempermudah usaha dalam bentuk stock kasir dll, simple tapi termasuk sistem kasir yg lengkap. Fast respon jika ada kendala dalam sistem”



IDR 282,333 / Month

IDR 3,388,000 / Year

Inclusive All Apps

Standard Modules

Product Modules

Reporting Modules



IDR 449,000 / Month

IDR 5,388,000 / Year

Inclusive All Apps

Standard Modules

Product Modules

Costing Mangement

Marketing Modules

Reservation Modules

Reporting Modules



IDR 782,333 / Month

IDR 9,388,000 / Year

Inclusive All Apps

Standard Modules

Product Modules

Costing Mangement

Marketing Modules

Reservation Modules

Offline Modules

Reporting Modules



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Frequently Askes Questions

What is Point of sales (POS) ?

A POS system, or point-of-sales system, is a set of devices, software and payment services merchants use to make sales in person. A POS system manages customer purchases, accepts payments and provides receipts. A point of sales is also where a merchant and customer conduct a retail transaction.

Why My Retail Business Need POS ?

POS software is crucial for small retail shops to large chain stores and restaurants because It can help businesses streamline their sales operations, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency, making it an essential tool for many modern businesses.

How Can POS Reduce Manpower Cost ?

In short, many hours can be saved every week by automating many of the processes that may be managed manually. In this way, a POS system can make tracking inventory more efficient, and save labor costs on re-ordering.

What is customer relationship management (CRM) ?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability.

Why My Business need CRM ?

Using a CRM will give you the chance to plot out your customers’ buyer’s journey and how they are responding in the post-purchase phase. Repeat customers provide you with valuable information as regards their interests, meaning you can target them with tailor-made campaigns that offer a more personalized experience.

How Can CRM Increase Revenue ?

CRM facilitates targeted marketing to potential customers. This enables retail businesses to market directly to relevant segment, increasing the possibility of winning new loyal customers.

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