Dear Restaurant, Cafe & Retail Entrepreneurs in Bali,

Is the Point-of-Sales application that you currently use only able to help process sales ordering systems and general reporting?

Or it also includes features such as:

Super Complete Reporting Features

From detailed reports on each item sold (including quantity, variants, add-ons and discounts), profit & loss reports, asset and liability reports, all of which are automatically integrated in one application, and data retrieval The report can include not only daily data, but also hourly data.

Booking Table Feature for Customers

Customers can see available tables at your restaurant in real time, then book empty tables first so that other customers don't get ahead.

QR Table Feature

Your customers can't only see the menu and order via the QR provided on the table, but can also see the status of their order which is currently in the processing stage, which being made in the kitchen, and customers can make bill payments on the same QR without any hassle to the cashier.

Augmented-Reality Game Features

AR game that your customers can engage while waiting for the food to be made.

All the features above are integrated in just one application without the need for additional third parties, without the hassle of installing it yourself, and the price is no more expensive than the POS application you are currently using.


The most complete all in one Point-of-Sales and Customer Relationship Management application!

By using Bleudine, you will be able to >>

Create Super Complete Reporting

All the reporting metrics you need are available on Bleudine

Booking Table for Customer:

Avoid disappointing your customers with the table booking feature

Seamless QR Table
(Menu, Order, Bill):

One QR at the table, for all your customer needs

Augmented-Reality Game for Customer:

Leave an attractive impression on your customers, then your restaurant brand will always be remembered in your customers’ minds!

Did you know that by subscribing Bleudine, You’ll be created a FREE Android & iOS app with your own restaurant branding & name which your customers can download via the Google Play Store & Apple App Store! All branding on the application is customized based on your own restaurant/cafe branding.

Here are the screenshots of the Android & iOS application from Bleudine that ready to modify according to your restaurant branding

Lately, every day, our team receives many requests to integrate Bleudine for merchants throughout Bali.

This makes sense considering that historically, Bali’s peak season is around February. And now is the most appropriate time to make a system switch before the Bali peak season arrives.

If your business is located in Bali, that means it is very possible that your competitors are already 1 step ahead of you because they are already using the Bleudine.

Don’t wait for your business left behind by your competitors any further. Take action to book an appointment with our fast-response team by filling in the form below

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the Bleudine application at my restaurant / cafe?

If you are currently using another brand’s POS application, the process of moving and installing the Bleudine application only takes 1 hour!

How is the after-sales service from Bleudine?

The Bleudine team always maintains good relations with merchants who use Beludine. We have a one-stop service, where if you have problems operating the Bleudine application in the future, you can contact the same person who met you the first time, then our team will immediately solve your problem. No hassle.

I want to use Bleudine soon! How?

Fill in the form above, then you will be directed to the Bleudine team’s WhatsApp number. Send a chat and make an appointment, then the Bleudine team will come to visit your location!

My business is not a restaurant or cafe, can the Bleudine application be used for other types of business? Such as retail, gift shops, clothing shops and so on?

Of course, I can! The Bleudine application is not only intended for restaurant or cafe businesses, but can also be used for retail, fashion, souvenirs and various other businesses. We have a variety of clients with various types of business. Bleudine can be customized according to your business needs.

How Much Does a Bleudine Subscription Cost?

If you are currently using another Point-of-Sales application and want to change it to Bleudine, then you are entitled to a promo price offer of only IDR 1,999,000 for 1 year! (The following promotion is valid until Balinese Day of Silence / Nyepi Day 12 March 2024)

Below are the complete pricing:

(Annual) > Basic 2 million, Standard 4 million, Premium 5 million.

Convert and Upgrade Promo:
(Special Nyepi Day)
IDR 1,999,000

• Take 2 years > +free 2 months
• Take 3 years > +free 6 months

Can I try Bleudine first?

We offer a 30 day free trial, with no obligation to extend. We are confident about our app. No worries! 😉

Do I need to bother learning a lot about this Bleudine application? And can you help with installation?

Your team only needs to learn simple things such as entering menus/products, item quantities, prices, etc. which are very easy to do and learn. Matters related to initial installation and other technical matters will be assisted 100% by us.

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