How A Good POS Software Can Help Revamp Your F&B And Retail Business?

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Streamline the Process from Orders to Payments
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Managing an F&B and retail business through the manual application can be hectic as inputting relevant data on a spreadsheet daily for the different related functions can be time-consuming. Keeping track of the critical aspects of your business can be frustrating, especially knowing that any error could be difficult to trace and can be devastating to your bottom line.

If you own a restaurant business, then a good Point of Sale (POS) software can help your business function seamlessly and efficiently. Moreover, such software saves time, saves unnecessary costs, brings better returns, and is great for saving employee costs and leads to better employee satisfaction and retention.

Good restaurant POS systems will help record sales and manage payments, inventory, discount offers, loyalty programs, and more. You can have a geometrically progressing growth for your business if you invest in an ideal POS software. In this post, you will learn how good POS software can significantly improve the productivity of your F&B and retail business in Indonesia.

Functions of Reliable Restaurant POS Systems

The most reliable restaurant POS systems help coordinate your business operations to improve the efficiency and productivity of your establishment. Some of the key functions of the very best POS software include:

Sales Management:

It is arguably the most relevant function of any POS software. The integration of your POS application with your cash register will help your business in several ways, as follows:

#1. Improved Checkout Speed:

For starters, the POS software will enhance the speed of all purchase transactions at your business. Your customers do not have to spend much time during checkout, as the purchase transaction process at your business will be quicker with a POS system which records all purchases, including the quantity, price, date and time of purchase, and then issues a corresponding receipt to conclude the sales-purchase transaction.

#2. Managing Discount Offers:

Another way POS software can help with your sales record is by effectively managing discount offers. You can program a good POS application to recognise those sale items that should have a discount offer at your business. Whenever customers purchase these items, the system will automatically remove the discounted amount from the item’s initial price during checkout.

#3. Customer Convenience:

A reliable POS system will help your business accept payments from your customers for items purchased based on their past billing history. The best Indonesia – POS systems for retail accept multiple payment methods, such as cash, bank transfer, debit or credit card, and e-wallets.

#4. Tracking Loyal Customers:

Your POS application should keep track of loyal customers by automatically rewarding them with points or vouchers based on their volume and frequency of purchase.

Inventory Management:

The management of your inventory is just as important as the recording of sales. Manual recording of inventory is cumbersome and prone to human mistakes. However, competent restaurant POS systems offer a dynamic inventory management function with handy features that help properly manage your business’s incoming and outgoing inventory. Some of the benefits of a great inventory management function under superb POS software include:

#1. Multi-outlet Inventory Management:

If you have multiple outlets, your POS application should provide your business with a multi-outlet inventory management system directed from a centralised inventory management source that tracks and controls the movement of goods from a central outlet or warehouse to another outlet location. Inventory management is one function your POS software should provide, as it can greatly help prevent errors in your stock keeping throughout all your outlets.

#2. Inventory Aging Prevention:

The inventory management function of your POS system can also help avoid inventory aging. The last thing you need is to have stock expire while they are still warehoused. It is an extremely costly mistake common with manual stock-keeping, but one that can be prevented using a good POS system.

#3. Multi-channel Stock Management:

The inventory management function of your POS application should also offer your restaurant a multi-channel stock management feature, primarily where your restaurant operates an e-service platform. You need to be able to synchronize your inventory with the purchase orders you receive online.

With a multi-channel stock management function provided by your POS software, you can receive orders online without worrying about whether or not you have the food items in stock. Your customers should be able to order food online and either have the items delivered to them, obtained at a designated curbside pickup station or a walk-in outlet.

#4. Re-order Stock Level Management:

The inventory management function of your POS software should automatically take note of your re-order stock level. At this point, the system reminds you that you need to stock up to avoid stock unavailability issues, including increased cancellation of in-person or online orders, a drop in sales turnover, a loss of customers, and dwindling margins.

Marketing, Sales Promos and Mass Mailing Management:

A good restaurant POS system also contributes significantly to your marketing and sales activities. The POS software for your restaurant should gather good business intelligence starting with storing customer profile data for marketing and sales purposes.

With information about your customers, you will be able to gain their loyalty with personalized sales promos and milestone and anniversary rewards. Your POS system can obtain personal data on your customers, which can dictate your marketing drive and the content of your mass mailing efforts. Your POS software should also offer you an on-the-spot sales report viewing and printout for reference purposes.

In Conclusion

There are many Indonesian POS systems for retail that you can choose from, however, Bleudine might just be the perfect option for your restaurant business. The Bleudine POS software can be accessed via the web to make it easy for you to manage the state of affairs of your restaurant business remotely. The Rideum POS app offers you sales, promotion, membership and inventory management functions with easy signup and real-time table reservation function.

With Bleudine POS software, you can easily track and convert your loyal customers to high-value members. They even have an integrated AR games section to let customers participate in AR games competitions with fellow Bleudine users.

With Bleudine, customers can make real-time table reservations, send their orders and customize orders by using Bleudine Member App. Rideum Member App is available to download in Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. Customers can also use the application to track table reservations, review order status after placing it, check billing status, and track billing history using the downloaded Bleudine.


Streamline the Process from Orders to Payments

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