Guide to POS Systems Indonesia (F&B and Retail)

Guide to POS Systems Indonesia (F&B and Retail)

A significant percentage of these industries use Point of Sale systems to make their every working day efficient and productive. The tasks of taking orders, payments and recording inventory are all daunting tasks if you own an F&B or retail business without relying on a POS system. With various POS systems in Indonesia serving F&B and retail, how do you know which will work better for your business?

A POS system can make or break the business flow. In this guide to retail and restaurant POS Systems in Indonesia, we cover all the benefits and features you must look for in a POS System to ensure you are getting the best out of the system. Most importantly, what makes Rideum POS system the best choice for your business.

Main Benefits of POS System

Point of sale is the process when a customer pays for the products or services and systems designed for POS in Indonesia aim to make this process better and faster. Here are the main benefits of a POS system:

Takes table reservations and pre-orders

POS systems for retail and F&B make use of this feature for customers who want to ensure they get the product or service at a specific type or style, date and time. In a restaurant, since tables are limited, customers who want to ensure that they get the table at their preferred time could book online in advance. This will be recorded via a restaurant POS system which would alert the staff on that day about a customer’s request.

The same thing goes for POS systems for retail. If a retail business has limited stock, clients can reserve that specific item and adjust their inventory accordingly. POS systems help keep track of these transactions, making it easier for sellers and consumers.

Enables Self-Ordering By Customers

With POS systems, the customers themselves can self-order to reduce waiting time and it helps businesses reduce the man power required to serve customers. This improves the efficiency for both parties

How to Use a POS System in a Restaurant

Restaurants have a special set of requirements when it comes to POS systems. There are many ways POS systems have changed the industry for the better by bringing in actual data from tracking every member of the staff, streamlining payments to improving the overall restaurant’s productivity. Here are the different ways how to make the best out of a POS system for restaurants:

  • Manages inventory: With just a few clicks, you can find which items you are low on stock and require replenishing. There is also a way to automatically order items before they run out.
  • Manages customer relationships: A POS system manages customer loyalty programs by creating a database and integrating it with the business marketing campaigns. It could also automatically provide special discounts or generate points for loyal customers.
  • Generates all kinds of necessary reports: Whether you would like to see the total sales by day or what the business’s expenses are, the POS system can customize and generate reports for business owners to have an overall understanding that helps in strategizing to achieve the company’s goals.
  • Manages table reservations: A POS system can recreate your restaurant layout to see which tables have been ordered, paid, or are free.
  • Provides mobile ordering solutions to customers: This enables customers to take orders and pay for their orders from their mobile devices, which helps restaurant that has limited manpower.

Bleudine POS system in Indonesia allows you to do all of the above. With a 14-day free trial, you can enroll your restaurant within 24 hours and enjoy all the benefits, including a 360-performance dashboard view.

How to Use a POS System in Retail

The largest industrial user of POS systems in Indonesia is retail. In previous years, more brick-and-mortar stores were switched or complemented with an online store. In the coming years, companies will continuously lean on utilizing their POS systems to generate online sales. Here are the unique features that a retail business can make use of:

–   Manages out-of-stock items and other matrices: It tracks your inventory not only based on the product but also on other metrics such as size and color.

–   Integrates with Bleustay PMS : BleustayPMS integrates seamlessly with Rideum Property Management System (PMS) to provide a complete ecosystem for hotels.

A retail POS system must be able to empower the team and deliver the best services to customers. Bleudine does all that by offering enterprise-grade affordable solutions as it reduces the overall manpower and operational cost for retail businesses.

Why Bleudine POS System is the Best Choice in Indonesia

What makes Bleudine POS system the best choice is how it is equipped with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that offer users recommendations for nearby restaurants, table reservations, and fast ordering with the option to sign up as a member to take advantage of benefits provided by the businesses.

Bleudine POS system is a fully branded mobile app for your customers with a user-friendly food ordering platform. It also accepts both dine-in and takeaway orders and helps with multiple modes of payments, whether it is cash, credit cards, or an e-wallet.

It also has the flexibility to cross platforms for both mobile and web apps, making it easier for staff to take and manage orders. Bleudine POS system also comes with complete front/ back-office apps that are packed with excellent features every retail and restaurant requires. This includes 360-performance, a dashboard view that enables you to manage your own membership plan, set up your own point award mechanism, marketing instruments, payment methods configurations and many more.

Most importantly, Bleudine POS system offers an affordable solution while it is designed and built for the digital economy. We help you increase your potential foot traffic and walk-in customers at a low cost. And not only that, we help you convert every customer into valuable members with our latest campaigns.

Start your journey with Bleudine POS system now.